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Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Krishna Das
Spiritual Teacher, Chantmaster.

Interviewed by Lisa Cefalu

Krishna DasKrishna Das has been called the yoga's "rock star." He is a creator of music which touches the deepest cord in each of us. His release of "Live Anada" 2012 was nominated for a Grammy, and he is the focus of the movie OneTrack Heart The story of Krishna Das.

WP: You were born Jeffrey Kagel in Long Island New York, which could appear to be a far cry from Krishna Das. I wanted to ask you, what is Jeffery like? Is he much different than Krishna Das?

KD: They're the same really. Jeff is a personality and so is Krishna Das but it points to a spiritual path. Krishna Das is a spiritual aspiration!

WP: When did you feel you started to embody Krishna Das and begin to identity with that personality more than with the personality of Jeffery?

KD: I'm still working on it maybe someday. It's only been forty years don't rush me!

WP: Okay, I'm sure you are asked this all the time, but considering I see about seventeen variations of red shirts hanging behind you, what is the significance of the color Red?

KD: Maharaj-ji said, "You're Hanuman. You wear red!" He had me dye everything red even my "gotis" and underwear. Red represents the...

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The Backlash of the Positive Thinking Movement

by Janet Richmond

The Backlash of the Positive Thinking MovementThe whole concept of thinking positively has unwittingly created a backlash of sorts in that it sometimes has become a reason to judge others. Many of us have heard someone say "I can't do it" only to jump in and say, "Don't be negative. Don't program your failure before you start". Often this comes from real caring as we don't want that person to give up on him or herself or to be discouraged. However, let's think about those words.

First, "don't be negative" immediately finds fault with that person, implying that he or she is doing something wrong. Second, the statement also discounts and dismisses how the person really feels. Instead, it passes over the feelings and their causes to offer a solution to the problem for them. And three, the advice offered is not something that could actually resolve the problem because it is not a viable solution. If consciously deciding to do or not do something worked then we would never need to neutralize anything. To me, therefore, this kind of statement feels as unhelpful and hurtful as the statement of "just get over it."

More extreme examples would be...

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Help!!! My Dog Won't Stop Healing Me!!!

by Lori Spagna

Ho'oponoponoDear Lori, you speak often about how animals are our healers. Well I don't want my dog to heal me! I am unhealthy enough these days with all the stress and worry in my life and I certainly don't need more problems like my dog getting sick; and of course, even more than that, I love my dog and just want him to be well and not have to take care of me. I have practiced the techniques you teach while 'telling' him not to be healing me and that I can take care of myself, but it seems like it doesn't matter...when I am stressed out and worried, or angry or upset, so is he. Why does he have to heal me and what can I do about it so he can stay healthy and strong? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Cheers, Adrienne

Dear Adrienne, I have heard this many times from animal lovers and indeed, have often felt this way myself — we may know that our animals are our healers, and yet...

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What's Your Story?

by Medium Hollister Rand

What's Your Story?He was never supposed to die!!" the woman on the phone said to me. "We didn't even include 'till death us do part' in our wedding vows."

This statement was in response to her husband in spirit giving me a sudden pain in my chest to indicate a heart attack. This was quickly followed by him flashing a photo of a Hawaiian cruise into my mind. The distraught woman on the phone acknowledged that she had planned a cruise to celebrate her husband's retirement. What she hadn't planned for was that her husband would die of a massive heart attack on the day he retired.

While reading this you may scratch your head and wonder how someone could overlook death as such an obvious fact of life. And yet, in message after message, the spirits ask that we reconsider the stories we tell about the deaths of those we miss so desperately. We all choose to overlook the possibility that someone we love may die in a way or at a time that is completely unacceptable to us. At a recent book signing, a woman with desperate eyes confronted me. "My son killed himself on my birthday. How could that happen? What does it mean?" she asked. My work as a medium often provides the spirits with opportunities to...

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